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As in other casino games, “Poker” in the 1xBet Android app download has gained great worldwide fame thanks to the advent of the Internet era. The game has become a regular event in most online casinos near the roulette table and blackjack. Just like in 1xBet live streaming app Casino, bettors have access to a unique gaming experience through 1xBet mobile Vegas. Users can discover a new world of exciting games, including card games, roulette, slot machines. By God’s grace, the church worship team and children’s choir are growing.

We have asked every member of the church to bring a friend every Sunday. The Lord is gracious to us for when these visitors come they find we are teaching the Word of God and hear the truth many give their lives to Christ.

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Emily shared with us that she hated the church of God and admitted she did not have a good reason. She watched how her sister’s life was transformed, and how the church continued to pursue her despite Emily’s opposition to the church. We pray that she stays in fellowship and gets grounded in the word of God. Through the establishment of more home fellowships, we are sharing the word of God to more non-believers. We have seen the attendance at our Sunday school classes grow dramatically!

Agatha, eighteen, is in Kingdom Steppers and is a Bible reader for her group. The testimony of this family has spread through the community like wildfire because formerly, they were known as drunkards, and their children were not in school. When the family accepted Christ and came to the church, through prayer, counseling, and hearing God’s Word, their behavior changed, and they are no longer called drunks. As a family, their prayer request is for their father, Matia, to come to faith. They also request prayer for the strength to work and support the children in school glory casino.

School Management System

With these filters in homes, opportunities to witness to the people and show them the love of God will increase. Keep praying with us that this project will be a vessel to bring many to Christ. All these families depend on subsistence farming and work for $1.50 a day to find incomes to support other family needs like schools, healthcare, and other needs. She is a single mother with four children; her husband deserted her. After her husband had left, she had two more children with two different men. It was after these episodes that she came to know the Lord.

If God allows for the teachers to get training from CEF, it would be a tremendous opportunity of equipping our teachers to effectively reach and teach these children. We live a community that is very disadvantaged and economically challenged. Many of the people live below the poverty line (these earn less than a dollar a day).

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Edson returned home and started attending church with his wife. Edson eventually gave his life to the Lord, now is sober and a committed home fellowship member. His family is happy, praising the Lord for the change in Edson’s life. God is working in the life of Irene, thirty-eight, and lives in Rushasha. She has five children, but three are staying in her house. Her life was challenging since she was the second wife of Benson, who is forty-five.

  • He not only returned but was saved and is now part of the Kingdom Steppers and a part of the construction ministry.
  • They won many prizes from BTV and others debate competitions.
  • Proscovia left Abaga, claiming that he was no longer taking care of her and she suspected him of having an affair.
  • Give thanks for the construction of the medical center in our community; it has been a great need in our area.
  • Without your prayers and support, we would have found it challenging to minister as we do.

It was a joy for the church to organize this event to cook for the people and feed them meat which many had not tasted for over three years. We fed over 1000 people and nine people gave their lives to Christ. Through the help of White Fields, we have been able to train Sunday school teachers. He also taught us how to use visual charts during Sunday school classes.

Time for BCB to introduce gender-sensitivity training: Rights activists on Sakib controversy

Today’s MBSTU is the outcome of the dream which had been dreamt by Mawlana Bhashani long ago. The students are educated in such a way, that they would also have knowledge on life history of Mawlana Bhashani and his social & political activities, ethics. In the true spirit of interdisciplinary approach, the students would, therefore, emerge as professionals with a humane outlook towards life.

  • We pray for him to stay focused on the Lord and continue to grow.
  • The men mobilized themselves to raise funds and build a house for one of our members.
  • Bangladesh National Cadet Core (BNCC), Rover Scouts are also working at the college.
  • The people began fetching water as soon as it started to rain.
  • Before her husband started attending the church, he was against the idea of seeing her and their children go to church.

This has caused Eva to often come to us for prayers of safety for her and her children. She teaches at Graceland Academy and attends the Katobo fellowship, Elizabeth teaches during Sunday school. She is married to Alex, and they have a baby girl that is four months old. Elizabeth’s main prayer request is for the Lord to bless her marriage, to give her grace to serve Him, and to be a good mother to her daughter.

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Give thanks for the witness of Innocent’s wife and her service to the church. Give thanks for the sacrifice of the men to help Asimwe plant his crops this season and live out the principles they are being taught in the Bible classes.

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University of Dhaka, established in 1921, was the only university in East Pakistan at the time. Demand for a university in the northern part of East Pakistan gained momentum when two universities were established in West Pakistan without the establishment of any in the east. Students of Rajshahi Collegewere at the forefront of the movement demanding a new university. Itrat Hossain Zuberi, the Principal of Rajshahi College was appointed the first Vice-Chancellor of the university.

  • We as a church are encouraged that God is touching His people and drawing them to Himself.
  • Today his life has been transformed, and he has reunited with the wife.
  • We decided to increase the amount we give each Sunday ninety cents.
  • He slowly stopped selling alcohol, and he no longer has any remaining in his shop.
  • This family who once was Catholics are no born-again believers.

Rachel serves as an usher and has also received a pig as part of the piggery project while Henry drives a boda-boda taxi. Their main prayer request is that the Lord may continue to bless them so that they can continue to support their children’s school fees. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior after his father, Sam, became a believer. Still, after Sam became a believer, his behavior changed, and he started attending God’s Embassy. Isaac saw this change and was inspired to begin attending church. Now Isaac is a consistent attendee of the Sunday morning Bible classes and main services.

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We thank God for allowing us to start another church in Kagashe. The fellowship in this place has existed for a year and six months. The believers in this group had been traveling for a long distance to attend the Sunday service in Katobo. We are grateful that God has grown the fellowship into a church plant. We are grateful for White Fields’ support for the families struggling for food due to the intense lockdown that restricted people from moving or working.

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  • Remarkably, in spite of being responsible to head a space research institution, he has no formal education in aerospace.
  • She also cultivates rented pieces of land where she grows crops to feed herself and her daughter.
  • Since the betting company is very popular among bettors, the online platform can freeze.
  • However, many others are hearing the Word and giving their lives to Christ.

His parents complained Jovan would go to work and return home without a single coin. Through our continual sharing of the Word of God and follow-ups, including invitations to the fellowship, Jovan believed and accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior. Now his parents are happy that he no longer drinks alcohol and is caring for his child. The MarvelBet mobile app allows you to enjoy games and sports betting no matter where you are. The app offers a quick and easy way to bet with an endless array of pre-match and in-play sports markets to choose from.

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Thank you for giving to the Lord for the work of the ministry. We also introduced an elders and ministers class on Sunday morning in what used to be the foundation course. In this class, we intend to equip the ministers so that they serve in the truth of the Word of God without making it for their selfish ends.

The pastor brought up the need for the airtime fee during one of our meetings. The members made contributions according to what they could afford, and we were able to raise some money as a seed of faith for the radio program. We thank the Lord that we can have thirty minutes of presenting the Word of God on the radio every day in the afternoon. We are receiving testimonies from people who are blessed in distant places where we are not able to reach during our home visits or door-to-door evangelism.

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Someone commented, “If this church had not come to our community and built this tank, where would we have gotten all this water? We have several people interested in the bricks we are making. In fact, a relative of Christine who lives in another village asked us to make bricks for a permanent house.

  • Some of the ministers have been confronted by religious leaders and accused of taking their people and making their churches empty.
  • In recognition of this contribution, the school was renamed to “Ahsanullah School of Engineering”.
  • They have three boys, Shaba, Witness,and Alvin, the two oldest are in the primary grades.
  • He then started coming to church and gave his life to the Lord.

The wood structure is what the family has been living in, and the house in the foundation is the one to be built. Mr. & Mrs. Provia and Edison invited us to visit them in the Rutete community. They are a family with ten children, four children passed away, but six are still alive (5 Female, 1 Male).

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God continues to show us His favor and grace through the radio program. It is growing stronger, and through this program, five community fellowships have been opened.

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Now, when people see individuals carrying Bibles within the community, they are identified as believers going to God’s Embassy. My prayer is to see everyone in church having a Bible and able to read it. We are encouraging those who do not know how to read and write to join our reading program for adults. The radio program is proving to be successful, and we are seeing people come to church, the Lord uses the radio program to impact many lives. By far the radio program is our most effective way of reaching out to the community for mobilization and teaching the truth. We meet people in town who greatly appreciate the way we present the truth, and some have promised to attend our fellowship.

Towards a secure future for all Bangladeshis

Ezra desires to join us, but since most of his relatives are Catholic, he is concerned that they would harass him. We believe that Ezra is close to surrendering his life to the Lord, and we are praying that his fears would be overcome. Recently, we have visitors from the USA including Pastor Steve, Pastor Todd, Ray, and Buddy. Pastor Todd taught Bible classes about the topics of Theology Proper, Dynamics of Teamwork, and Servant Leadership. We thank God for using Pastor Todd to equip ministers for the Lord’s work by preaching the gospel and serving in the church, and by teaching from the book of James. Ambrose is twenty-two, our construction manager, an usher in the church, and involved in the youth ministry.

  • When he came back home, it was suggested that he apply to work at the church.
  • It had been a centrallocation for these terrible vices, and many young boys and men would flood intothe building to indulge themselves in wickedness and immorality.
  • The community is excited to be fetching clean water from a water tank instead of traveling several miles for water.
  • Recently we heard that her home was destroyed by the heavy rains that came through our area washing away several major roads as well.
  • My wife Betty teaches the Sunday morning discipleship classes.

Our pastors listen and counsel the believers with the issues that are challenging them. Couples planning to get married and any other married couples that need counseling for their marriage are welcome. The adult congregation is back to verse by verse study of the book of Mathew. We stopped on chapter 9 and now have started with chapter 10. Our pause in the study was because we united our congregation in a time of prayer and preparations for the New Year 2017. As a Pastor, nothing is more encouraging than seeing people soaked in the Word and asking questions.

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The families biggest challenge is the long distance they walk every Sunday to attend the church, traveling from Rushasha to Katobo. Flora is thankful to the Lord for her growth in knowledge of the Word of God and growing stronger in her faith. They are residents of Rushasha and survive through selling hard labor in other people’s fields.

  • He decided to join one of the local churches near his home but still would end up drinking again and again due to the negative influence of his friends.
  • After two years, we looked for church elders and discovered none would qualify according to Word the Lord, that led us to begin teaching about marriage.
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  • Sarah is grateful to the Lord for enabling her to bring her husband to faith and for his salvation.
  • They asked to hear more about the gospel and the Word of God.

Among the youth, the most vibrant group we have are the Kingdom Steppers, the group that ministers through music, dance, drama, and skits. This group is the most energetic, enthusiastic, and zealous members yet they have the lowest self-esteem.

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Peterson is one of the potential leaders in God’s Embassy Katobo. He loves witnessing for Christ, his commitment to the Word is encouraging.

  • We met this family through home visits and shared the word of God.
  • She is a committedmember of the church and is part of the Kagorogoro fellowship.
  • Someone commented, “If this church had not come to our community and built this tank, where would we have gotten all this water?
  • Jenipher used to be an Anglican, but when we started a home fellowship in Rushasha, she started attending and learning the Word of God.
  • Merab and her husband have five children and they are now all coming to church as a family.

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Medicine for people and economy

We thank God, who enables us to continue the work of evangelism through home visits and crusades. Our visitors were able to visit fifteen homes and share the Word of God. Time was spent praying with the people and giving them gifts, they received a water bucket, ten kilograms of maize flour, five kilograms of beans, and a bar of soap. This past month, we visited eighty-six homes and shared the gospel. We had a crusade in Rushasha for two days and a single day crusade in Kigaaga. The church reaches the community through home visits, crusades, and film shows.

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Namara had nothing when she came here and no relatives or friends in the community. She joined the church and, after hearing the gospel, gave her life to Christ. Namara is now free from bitterness and helping her children grow and mature, even though she is no longer together with her husband. One of her sons, Gilbert, is seventeen and has joined Namara.